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Event schedule:

Zona Centro Fondo Vermiglio

08/02/2023 - 18.00

Open Cerimony

09/02/2023 - 9.00

1^ Manche

10/02/2023 - 9.00

2^ Manche

11/02/2023 - 9.00

3^ Manche

11/02/2023 - 16.00

Prize Cerimony

Admission is free but with some limitations in order to preserve the competitors and their teams. 

It is forbidden to bring free dogs and to approach the teams present with dogs even if on a leash. 

It is recommended to always ask permission from the owners before approaching. 

it is forbidden to stand or walk on the cross-country trails.

Beautiful photos are welcome, please send them to

!!!!The program may undergo changes based on weather conditions!!!!

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